The annual campaign to raise funds to benefit the community of Altamira Village, which is located in the state of Acre in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon Forest.

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Dear friends,

It is with much joy that we open the annual campaign to raise funds to benefit the community of Altamira Village which is located in the state of Acre in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon Forest.

Our mission is to improve the standard of living of the villagers, and to provide solutions for the village to become self-sustainable and healthy. The work to aid the villagers started in 2013 and since then we have done a lot to improve their lives, but we need to do much more.

The path towards this goal is based on projects connected to permaculture, basic access to clean drinking water, clean energy from solar panels and other ancillary services.

Currently, it is especially difficult for natives, due to climate change, encroachment on their communities by miners, loggers and destruction of forest by wild fires.

At this pivotal time we need to stay strong and remain together. We need to deepen our commitments, maintain our connections, and partnerships with the leaderships Txana Ixa and Txana Kixtin and the inhabitants of Altamira Village (total amounts of 200 people).

We are counting on your help and support. Your contributions in any amount will help us immensely in aiding, maintaining and expanding existing projects and developing new ones.

How does it work?

$1250 will go towards maintaining and expanding the water project which consists of two artesian wells and 2.3km of water pipe system installed last year to transport clean water to 15 (fifteen) houses in the village. Expansion of the water system to new homes built recently and to acquire a new water tank and construction of a tower for it to sit on.

U$650 will be directed to improve the Health Care Center. The building lacks walls, shelves and chairs. These improvements will go a long way to make the center functional.

U$650 will be used for the transportation of Professor Charles Huber, who is the technical coordinator of the water project. Professor Huber lives in Southern Brazil and has to cross the entire country to get to Altamira Village.

U$450 for the transit between Pelotas (RS) to Rio Branco (AC), and R$800.00 for aero-taxi from Rio Branco (AC) to the municipality of Jordao (AC).

Any contributions exceeding the above goal will be used for a dream of the villagers to build a Fish Pond (100x50 meters), for raising fish. The harvesting of fish from this pond will supply the community with a consistent source of protein during the year. The river that crosses the village that would ordinarily be a source of fish is polluted. This project is very ambition and expensive, so partnering with the government in Acre and the municipality of Jordão will reduce our cost of the project to U$2500.

Finally, if more then $5000 is raised, we will direct the contribution to the project Vagalume (firefly), that brought solar panels to the village. Currently, 40% of the village is powered by energy generated by solar panels. $3700 will provide an additional 6 houses in the village with clean and low cost energy and help to reduce their carbon foot print.

Clean and low cost energy will also aid the artisans in the village to exercise their creativity and enhances the quality of communal life and to become self-sufficient.

About the resource flow

You donate

Support direct emergency actions coordinated by local groups and Water Txai project organization

You raise awareness

Let everybody knows what is happening in the village of Altamira, and share this initiative with your family and friends

Welight collects and redirects 100% of the resources to the local projects, discounting only the payment method fee from PayPal

Funds management

The use of resources

The Water Txai Project will do the best use of financial resources and implement sustainable development initiatives at the village


Together with Water Txai, Welight will be provide a system for the accountability and transparency of the resources applied


Together with the nonprofits, Welight will be responsible for the accountability and transparency of the resources applied

Willing to

For larger donations, to join coalition of outreach partners or other types of collaboration please use the form or send us an email!

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