We are helping to keep the most vulnerable people of Rocinha from hunger.

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Campaign to raise funds and combat the COVID-19 crisis inside Rocinha slum.

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84% who have children had an increase in expenses because the children stopped going to school

Source: Instituto Locomotiva/ Data Favela

How does the campaign work?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have managed to raise donations of food and hygiene kits through our network. But we still need to raise funds to bear the costs of the team behind all the logistics that makes this operation possible!

Till today they are all working without any financial help, but with the pandemic growing so does the need to commit more hours on helping more people and without them thousands of people will end up with no support, no food and no basic items toprotect themselves from COVID-19.

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Since March 25th, more than 2000 families were granted with Basic-needs grocery packages and hygiene Kits. Everything delivered by our 20 people staff.

USD 20,000

With this monthly fee, not only will we be able to keep projects alive in this difficult time, but we will also be able to triple the number of people on the front lines to combat hunger.

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Monthly collection


For every ten families living in favelas, seven have already had their income reduced due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus

Source: Instituto Locomotiva/ Data Favela

Be a part of this change!

We have so many shortages in one of the densest communities on earth and we need the basic resources to rise up to meet this challenge.

Your participation is essential for the supported projects to remain standing and getting stronger.

We believe, those who are donating their time, strength and energy to help others since the beginning of these projects deserve, at least, to receive a fair financial support so they can keep on making a difference to the people of Rocinha, now and in the future.

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The Rocinha favela is the largest favela in Latin America, with more than 200 thousand inhabitants.


Our programs have been assisting 1800 families in a state of food vulnerability per year, we work on the social reintegration of these families and provide opportunities for them to return to the labor market; with environmental education initiatives for the community and schools in the region, we collect 5.6 tons of trash from the beach per year and now we are able to process this trash to make plastic products. Urban vegetable garden projects (inside Rocinha) that aims to teach people how to grow food on their terraces for their own consumption. In addition, a weekly program that teaches 30 children to work in gardens and composting systems, among other benefits for residents of the most remote regions. isolated from the favela.


Donate to the campaign and help the social projects

Raises the resources and distributes according to the needs of each project


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Welight checks supported projects through its systems and directly with partner NGOs, which record evidence and evidence of deliveries in photos, videos, and stories that we will share with you as soon as distributions begin to take place.

Esta campanha e todas as campanhas da Welight movimentam os recursos doados através do Impact Bank, um banco ético e justo que não deixa ninguém para trás e retorna recursos para sociedade a cada movimentação financeira.


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Os recursos são registrados em blockchain, para garantir mais transparência e segurança em todas as operações.

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Utopia is the world's first urban innovation group focused solely on emerging cities and their slums.

Utopia has been working for 2 years inside Rocinha's community, finding social and environmental projects in order to assist them.

We go beyond technology to accelerate the transformations needed to achieve the sustainable development goals, by leveraging donor-impact maker relationships.

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